a design collective. create. destroy. repeat.

"We are a creative collective solving problems"

Who we are

In short, Vitamins and Minerals is a design group, we are a creative collective solving problems. More specifically, we are a group of talented individuals who like hanging out and doing what we love. We love to Create. Destroy. Repeat. We love it so much we’re trying to make a living off of it.

We were founded by I/O dyne and Mineral Zink when two crazy college students just wanted to throw up rogue art installations on their campus. From there it grew to include the rest of the VetMnauts, making shirts, throwing events, and causing trouble.

VetM (pronounced vet-um) is our “shorthand” way of saying Vitamins and Minerals. There’s really no other option as VM is taken by Vitrual Machine, VandM sounds like van Damme, though we love Jean Claude and his movies, it was something we didn’t want to mess with. Et is the fancy way of saying “and” and we like to pretend we’re fancy like the ketchup so VetM we became.

Create. Destroy. Repeat. Is not just a VetM motto, it is a fact of life. To create you must destroy. You must destroy trees to build a house, cull crops to make meals, and replace whitespace for websites. It is a cycle we recognize as we aim to create things greater than the sum of the destroyed. That is our goal; make something out of nothing.

VetMnaut is what you would call an individual in our group. Collectively, we are VetMnauts. Though not an official word (we love to just make new words and phrases), we thought it appropriate. Argonauts, Aeronauts, Astronauts and even Cosmonauts explore the oceans, skies, and the infinite beyond. VetMnauts explore design, life, and all the stuff in between.

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